Dysport® and Botox Injections in New York and New Jersey

botoxLet’s just call it like it is, BOTOX has been around so long that it seems like forever! This go-to anti-aging solution has been used worldwide in both medical and aesthetic applications. It is to aesthetic medicine what Coke is to the cola world. And while BOTOX has earned that stellar reputation as a powerful wrinkle reducer, there are now additional choices for the reduction of lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Patients of Schiller may elect to have their concerns treated with one of the newer neuromodulators to be developed, including DYSPORT. To discover which solution is better for you, it is necessary to understand how one differs from the other.

Multiple Products, One Goal: Making the Comparison
When discussing neuromodulators, we first must establish that the base ingredient amongst all products is the same; it is the essential component that makes the product what it is! DYSPORT and BOTOX each have a base of purified botulinum toxin A. So in that way, they are the same. Another similarity reported by physicians is the dosing for each product. Some say that you may switch from BOTOX to DYSPORT seamlessly because dosing is the same. However, an experienced physician like Dr. Schiller will recognize that the minute differences in diffusion of product can alter dosage. For this reason, treatment is tailored to the individual without making assumptions related to how much product is needed. The final similarity between the two products is in the longevity of results. Both are said to last between 3 and 6 months. Each person breaks down injectibles differently simply based on metabolism.

The primary difference between DYSPORT and its predecessor is that this product has no additive ingredients. When you choose this wrinkle treatment, you are choosing straight botulinum toxin A, a highly purified protein. BOTOX is combined with carrier proteins. Why strip it down? The developers of DYSPORT believe that their version of the medication is less likely to cause resistance at some point.

Since ongoing treatment is necessary for younger looking skin, it is thought that some people may build up a tolerance to the drug, which would make it less effective. With DYSPORT, this is not supposed to happen. An additional difference is that there may be a decreased chance for allergic reaction to the injected solution.

There are numerous aspects of a rejuvenating treatment that must be considered when selecting which is right for you. To investigate your options, call (888) 370-1001.

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