Asian Blepharoplasty


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Dr. Schiller has  lectured extensively about Asian eyelid surgery in the USA and abroad. He was chosen by his oculoplastic colleagues to lecture on Asian Eyelid Surgery to the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the most specialized eyelid surgical society. Dr. Schiller has collaborated with top plastic surgeons in Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, and the Philippines. Dr. Schiller has presented surgical techniques at international plastic surgery meetings in Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Paris, as well as multiple plastic surgery conferences in the USA.

Most younger patients are interested in the creation of an eyelid crease, called the double eyelid operation. The two major approaches for this are the non-cutting or “suture” technique, and the open technique. Dr. Schiller performs both procedures depending on the patient’s needs. In patients who need removal of extra skin or fat, he performs the open technique using the CO2 laser to cut below the skin, which allows very precise removal of a small amount of tissue to allow the crease to form precisely, with almost no bleeding or bruising. Dr. Schiller has used the CO2 laser for cosmetic eyelid surgery for over 20 years.The laser surgery causes very little and often no bruising or black and blue, and so you can return to work and everyday life within a few days or a week.  Young patients are often candidates for the closed suture technique, which is used in about two thirds of the operations performed in Asia.  In this technique there is no incision or cutting.  Sutures are passed inside the eyelid to create a new crease. The crease must be placed precisely and delicately. The result is usually permanent.

Lower eyelids can be a problem with age, and bulging of fat gives a tired or sad appearance. Most Asian patients do not need any skin removed from the lower eyelids, and so a laser approach through the inside of the eyelid is used (transconjunctival blepharoplasty). This often leaves no bruising or black and blue, and allows most of the recovery to occur in five days to a week. As the skin is not cut, there is no scarring. In cases with more severe aging changes of the lower eyelid and midface or cheek, Dr. Schiller performs his signature lower blepharoplasty with midface/cheek lift. Dr. Schiller is well known among his peers for this unique rejuvenating surgical technique which was recently published in the leading plastic surgery journal and which Dr. Schiller has presented at numerous plastic surgery meetings. Click here to see Dr. Schiller’s article in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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