Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery in New York, New Jersey

Our plastic surgeon, Jeffrey Schiller, MD, has been performing cosmetic eyelid surgery for more than two decades, and he is a member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. If you have been considering cosmetic eyelid surgery, you may have questions or concerns that need to be addressed. Our experts will be more than happy to answer your questions and concerns about the procedure you desire.

What Is Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery?

In a nutshell, cosmetic eyelid surgery (often referred to as blepharoplasty) is performed on upper and lower eyelids. The upper eyelid procedure will remove excess skin, while the lower eyelid procedure helps diminish under eye “bags.” It may also help reduce puffiness and the appearance of premature aging.

Your New Look Begins With a Consultation

Because every patient is unique, your visit will begin with a consultation. We are conveniently located in Edison, NJ, Manhattan, NY, and Staten Island, NY. In addition to determining which procedure will work best for you, the staff will discuss your insurance and payment options.

The Procedures Involved

There are various types of cosmetic eyelid surgery techniques, and our surgeon can determine which procedure is best for you. Here are the major types and what each will typically involve:

  • The Upper Blepharoplasty with Laser Technique: This technique is performed using a CO2 laser. The laser delicately removes skin and sometimes fat. The laser technique often results in minimal or no bruising. Also, recovery time is normally within about a week.
  • Lower Blepharoplasty: This procedure is to correct saggy lower eyelids and bags, removing or repositioning fat and skin in the lower eyelids. It is recommended for those with “bags” underneath their eyes.
  • Transconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty: Intended to minimize the appearance of bags and puffiness under the lower eyelids, this technique is performed through an invisible incision inside the lower eyelids. This procedure has a quick and painless recovery.

Recovery Time

Since Dr. Schillers blepharoplasty is performed using a laser, healing time is reduced. An application of cool compresses may reduce swelling, and recovery time depends on the procedure, with upper eyelid surgery in a matter of days and lower eyelid surgery within a few weeks.