Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery

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Entropion Repair

In entropion, the eyelid is turned in toward the eye, and the eyelashes abrade the eye, causing tearing and irritation. The correction involves outpatient surgery of the eyelid, and is often performed with the CO2 laser, resulting in minimal to no bruising, and a rapid recovery.

Ectropion Repair

In ectropion, the eyelid is turned out, exposing the pink conjunctiva lining the eyelid. The eye can be irritated and tearing. Outpatient surgery can correct this. In some patients, skin grafting is necessary.

Ptosis Repair

Ptosis means that the eyelid does not fully open. This can interfere with vision. Ptosis can be congenital, since birth, or can occur after trauma, cataract surgery, or with age. Surgical repair is done as an outpatient, and the eyelid level is adjusted painlessly with the patient semi-awake. The CO2 laser is used, resulting in minimal to no bruising, and a rapid recovery. Patients usually can return to their usual activities in about a week.

Skin Cancer of the Eyelid

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common skin cancer of the eyelid. It is usually biopsied in the office to confirm the diagnosis. Surgical removal of the cancer is done as an outpatient. If necessary, the eyelid is reconstructed with skin grafts. In most cases, the result is excellent, and there are minimal or no telltale scars. Other skin cancers are generally curable, and the cosmetic results can be excellent.